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Cram Stoppers (CS) is a unique online study site designed for 8th Grade, High School and College students. Created by Atlanta mom, Julie Wilson, CS can alleviate test taking anxiety and build confidence by helping students be prepared for upcoming quizzes and tests.  The site allows custom quizzes to be crafted from public, private, or homeschool classroom study materials.  Quizzes can be created in five different formats: multiple choice, matching, fill-in-the-blank, true/false, and open-ended. They are stored for repeated and randomized quiz taking, anytime, anyplace.  Instant scoring gives students immediate feedback and progress can be watched via a Quiz Results Chart. 

Two special features are Buddysharingand the Ultimate Quiz. WithBuddysharing, students share quizzes with select others while the Ultimate Quizfeature allows students to combine past quizzes into one larger quiz for cumulative studying such as mid-terms or finals. The text edit feature supports studying all foreign languages, plus being able to create quizzes using features like bold, italics, underline, and various font sizes and types.  Inserting pictures from the special CS library or internet is also available.

Additional sections called Just Logicaland Just Keep Writing are found on the Home Page inside the site.  Just Logical allows for specific skill set studying in multiple choice format, while Just Keep Writing gives students a unique place to develop their writing skills.

Julie Wilson, founder and creator of a unique web-based study concept, currently resides in Cumming, Georgia and has lived in the Atlanta area for 25 years. She was born and raised in Charlotte, Michigan and earned her BA degree in Psychology and Political Science in 1986 from Michigan State University. Relocating to the South in 1988, Julie worked for 10 years in market research, specializing in qualitative research and focus groups.

In 2007, Julie’s husband, Denny, and their two school-aged children, Jake and Jenna, encouraged her to take her creative thoughts about educational products from paper to the web. Over the past six years, Julie has designed and developed three online study sites based on her vision. They include:

QwizzysWorld.com - for K-7th grade students
CramStoppers.com - for students 8th grade - College
QuizInfinity.com - for Teachers and Tutors

Julie enjoys traveling with her family and spending quality time together playing cards (Euchre and Bridge are her favorites), boating, bowling, and golfing.
JENNA WILSON, Creative QwizKid
Jenna Wilson is 14 years of age and is an aspiring actress, dancer, and singer.  A dedicated 8th grade student in the Forsyth County school system, Jenna works just as hard after school in the areas of dance and singing.  She, like her mother, is quite the card shark – also enjoying reading, playing games, and traveling with the family. Jenna is already a master at quiz creation and enjoys designing challenging quizzes. She is often asked to craft them for teachers and friends too!
Peggy Hoover and her husband John moved to Cumming, Georgia in 2005 from Fairfax County, Virginia where Peggy taught English for 21 years. Prior to that, Peggy worked as the director of Reading for a K-8 District in the suburbs of Chicago. She earned a BA in English from Penn State and is an avid fan of all things related to the Nittany Lions. In fact, her license plate is LDY LION which is the name given to PSU Ladies. After leaving Penn State, she attended Northern Illinois University where she completed a Masters Degree in Reading. During her 30 years in Language Arts, Peggy worked long and hard on the writing process and would like to help young people become confident and accomplished writers. Her hope is that students actually learn to enjoy the writing process and to view writing as both a good way to express their thoughts and as a valuable tool for learning.

Peggy and John have two grown children and two wonderful grandsons. Their daughter and daughter-in-law are both teachers and their 6-year-old grandson is already quite good at using the computer to play games that teach him basic learning concepts.
Vivian Heard is president of Heard Public Relations, Inc., based in Cumming, Georgia, and enjoys 26 years of success in the marketing field, including public relations, writing, editing, event and seminar management, advertising and media relations. Vivian has been published in a variety of local and national media outlets and aspires one day to write a book on inspiring life events. She is co-publisher and managing editor of online newspaper 
DawsonTimes.com, and also serves as marketing coordinator for Pinecrest Academy, a private school in Cumming, GA. Her role with Qwizzy’s World and Cram Stoppers as Public Relations Consultant includes press release writing and distribution, article writing, media relations and other marketing initiatives designed to reach a global audience. Vivian is a graduate of the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia, and holds a BBA degree in Marketing. Married for 18 years, Vivian and husband, Chris, reside in Cumming, Georgia with their two children.

Getting started in quiz creation can often be a challenge, so there is a “Help Me Get Started” section on the Home Page inside the site.  Here you will find Sample Starters, PSAT/SAT Samples, a Quiz Creation Guide, and Special Tips for Students.  Practice is the quickest and easiest way to master quiz creation.  Eventually students find themselves predicting questions their teacher or professor will ask due to preparing on CS!

The benefits of using Cram Stoppers are many. Students find that CS allows them to cut back on hours of studying, relieve test taking anxiety, and build test taking confidence. Ultimately, students regain quality after-school time for sports, extra-curricular activities, or the demands of an internship or job.

The Community Library offers students a place to locate quizzes designed by peers across the country at different High School and College levels.  Any Cram Stoppers user can contribute a quiz to the library or copy one for personal use.  Due to the CS edit function, any quiz can be tailored by the student to their liking.

In addition to quiz creation, CS provides fun tips, quotes, facts and stats to entertain and educate students!

Welcome to CS and the Power of Preparation!

Denny Wilson is a resident of Cumming, Georgia and has lived in the Atlanta, Georgia area for more than 48 years. He graduated from Lakeside High School in DeKalb County, Georgia in 1978 and received his BS in Chemistry from the University of Georgia in 1982 - enjoying the National Championship with football legend, Herschel Walker! He earned credit toward his Master's Degree at Georgia State University, with concentrations in Marketing and Finance. Denny is currently designated as a chartered property and casualty underwriter and has served the commercial insurance industry for more than 30 years. Most recently, he leads multiple organizations as owner and senior manager of a national payroll company, a regional professional employer organization, a temporary staffing company, as well as a commercial insurance agency located in Central Florida.

As Co-Founder of Qwizzy’s World, Denny’s efforts include playing spouse to the Founder and providing creative content, organizational structure, and business operations management regarding legal and financial matters. In the limited time he has for pleasure, he travels with the family and enjoys bowling, golfing and boating.

JAKE WILSON, Master WhizKid
Jake Wilson is 18 years of age and is graduating in May of 2013 from High School in Forsyth County, GA.  He is pursuing a BA degree in Audio Production as he heads off to the Atlanta Art Institute in the Fall. Jake is a huge contributor to Cram Stoppers, offering not only his suggestions, but quizzes to the Community Library.  He holds the record for quiz creation – coming in at over 650 over the last six years!

Patrick lives in Valdosta, Georgia with his wife and twin sons, Alex and Ben. He was a youth director at a local church in the late 1990s then moved into public education, teaching 6th through 8th grade social studies, computers, and science. During his time in church ministry and education, Patrick freelanced as a graphic artist on the side. In 2004, the freelancing turned into a full-time business, and he quit his teaching position to pursue his artwork fulltime. Since then, he has created hundreds of cartoon characters and designs. Patrick creates all of the graphics and artwork for all three study sites, QwizzysWorld.com, CramStoppers.com, and QuizInfinity.com and has been part of the team since 2007.
Ron works as Senior Programmer for all three study sites, QwizzysWorld.com, CramStoppers.com and QuizInfinity.com. Ron grew up in the metropolitan New York area and graduated from Rutgers University with a degree in Pre-Med. However, while in college, he discovered his passion for opera and spent the next eight years as an operatic baritone in Manhattan. He then switched careers and began working with mainframe computers. His career took him from New Jersey to Boulder, Colorado and then to Sugar Land, Texas, where he now lives with his wife, Donna, and their two "fur children," Bonnie and Scout. His interests include reading (great books and classic literature) and classical music.

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