Why Use Cram Stoppers?

The Power of Being Prepared! 
Do you find yourself putting off reading the chapters assigned or reviewing for that upcoming quiz? Before you know it you are behind in your studies and frustrated! 
Finding the time to study can be very difficult or maybe you just put off doing your homework altogether.

In Cram Stoppers, an initial time investment can offer you a huge payoff in the long run. Creating a quiz from your chapters or class notes as you review them, offers you the chance to practice quiz and discover just how much you actually know your material.

The practice quiz is stored for you, can be taken multiple times, gives you immediate feedback, and can be combined with other quizzes for cumulative studying. No need to have to reread the chapters or review those notes again 
- you've got a permanent quiz to study! 

So why not take a little time upfront and beat procrastination once and for all? Don't wait until the last minute - experience the Power of Preparation! 

Relieve Test Anxiety and Increase Self Confidence! 
Self confidence is one of the cornerstones of productive test taking. The repeated taking of practice quizzes builds confidence and lessens anxiety…it’s the power of being prepared! Nearly 60% of all students suffer from some form of test anxiety. Unfortunately, there is a negative correlation between test anxiety and test performance: high anxiety results in lower test scores. Cram Stoppers gives High School and College students the opportunity to store their quizzes so they can be taken at leisure as practice quizzes. Additionally, the randomization of quiz questions promotes long term retention of test material versus mere memorization. 

Time Management 
Did you know that the amount of time it takes for students to do homework and study has nearly tripled in the last 15 years?  By using Cram Stoppers, you can speed up the study process, leaving more time for your job, friends, family, and extra curricular activities! 

Getting started on Cram Stoppers need not be intimidating or overwhelming.  Sample Starter quizzes inside the site on the Home Page will be a great guide, but the best way to become familiar is to simply try it out!  Enter the information in question format just once and create your quiz. It is then available to take multiple times for practice.  By creating quizzes from your current study material, you’ll not only be studying what is pertinent, but actually studying during the creation process.  The Missed ?’s feature consolidates your quiz down to those questions that cause you difficulty – the narrowing down is done for you!  For long term time management, the Ultimate Quiz feature allows you to easily and quickly combine quizzes and study for cumulative tests such as midterms and finals.  Preparing for tests will be a breeze! 

Critical Thinking 
Scholastic defines critical thinking as “knowing how to think, not what to think” (2007).   Categorizing and classifying information and finding patterns are suggestions Scholastic offers to help increase a student’s critical thinking capabilities.  Using Cram Stoppers regularly can do just that!

Organizational Skills 
The MOST IMPORTANT STEP when studying is to gather and organize your study materials.  This may sound easy, but very often it is not.  Information is presented by teachers in many different ways, including articles, notes, chapter readings, vocabulary, spelling words, and power point presentations.  A test is really just a summary of all this information put into a formal format that is developed to determine just how much a student has learned.  Being able to organize these materials in the correct way, students gain the advantage of being well prepared for test taking!  As you use this information to create quizzes in Cram Stoppers, it is stored permanently for you to access as long as you wish.  It’s like having an online file system for your notes.

Tracking Your Progress 
With the Quiz Results section of Cram Stoppers, you can view your progress easily.  At a quick glance, check out when you last took the quiz, how many times you’ve attempted it, what questions you missed, and how well you’ve progressed.  You can even share your results with teachers, professors, and tutors. 

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